Consultation and product recommendation


Our company has the expertise to assist in choosing substrates, imagery, and the most beneficial method of production and display. We have an extensive image library.


Photographs can be mounted ‘as is’ in frames, shadow boxes, or can mount to a variety of substrates for more unique applications. We also print directly on a large variety of substrates including acrylic and polycarbonate sheets for backlighting effects.


Imaged wall coverings allow large one piece applications which are limited in size only by an installer’s ability to handle it. The substrate used most often is a vinyl polyester product which has an anti-graffiti coating and carries a 20 year warranty for color durability. This product also meets all state and national fire codes including California OSHPED.


Exterior projects are also possible with a 7 year warranty if in full sun. They include the same range of substrates and mounting options as the interior applications.




Artwork preparation responsibilities:

We prefer to provide the finished artwork from the client’s FPO roughs. We do not normally charge for this service unless there is something out of the “ordinary” regarding the art. We ask the client to provide the original images for our scanning or if the client provides the scans we reserve the right to reject poorly produced scans. In all cases there are final set-up charges to convert the art for printing.


Field measurement:

We make on-site field measurements depending on the project size to ensure the artwork and the final printing will match. This is especially important if a wall area is convex/concave or the floor slopes. No wall is straight, level, or plum.



Our standard proofing is high resolution color match prints. There is no additional charge for this proofing. Proofing on the actual material, which would include downsized material images for color and content approval and full size slices for actual image quality, is at the square foot price.


Production/Installation supervision

We will supply on-site installation supervision for large wall mural projects, with instructions for wall preparation and discussions with ‘in-house’ installers prior to installation.



All pricing is quoted FOB Mpls., MN Depending on the size and scope of the project we may quote ‘blanket pricing’.



We require a 50% down payment for all orders under $10,000.00 Projects exceeding that or a longer than normal time frame to finish the job may require a negotiated deposit or payment draws.



Production and delivery are normally 5 to 7 working days from proof approval.