Interior sun screens for windshields or exterior screens for awning/canopy sides are printed on a vinyl coated polyester scrim which blocks 80% -85% of sunlight and UV. It allows daytime vision to the outside but prevents people from seeing in. It does not provide privacy at night with lights on in a coach. Imagery can be from our stock pictures or custom from customer supplied artwork. The interior windshield screen is held in place with 3M high temperature Velcro. This 3M high temperature adhesive is effective in sustained temperatures of 210 degrees and can withstand heat up to 250 degrees without adhesive failure. Pricing is determined by the height. If you have a tinted band at the top of your window you can place the Velcro 1-2 inches above the bottom of the band. Nothing will be visible on the outside in the band area but you will see the small Velcro patches on the inside when the screen is not in place. If this is objectionable to you then measure to the top of the window but specify the width of the tint band so we can make adjustments to the image so no important part of the picture is lost behind the band.


Sun Screen pricing: (Windshield screens are a standard width of 110 across the top and 115 at the bottom)


under 34 - 37 height $290.00
over 37 - 44 height $305.00
over 44 - 50 height $320.00
over 50 - 56 height $335.00


Custom images have a $25.00 art prep charge

Side curtains can be ordered @ $9.00/sq. ft.


All Shipping is by FedEX ground unless other arrangements have been made.

Delivery is 10-14 days from order.


Call 952-892-5295 with credit card information. Card will be charged at time of shipping. We will email the tracking information along with a copy of your credit card receipt.